Carmel Answers the Challenge at High School Math Contest

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Math Competition Winners

Winning Equation: Members of Carmel High School's team celebrate winning the Rose-Hulman High School Mathematics Competition for the eighth consecutive year. The school captured first place in three of the four grade divisions and had several individual titlists.

Students from Carmel High School once again reigned supreme at the Rose-Hulman High School Mathematics Competition, capturing top school honors for the eighth consecutive year.

The annual event, hosted on campus Nov. 12, attracted some of the Midwest's top high school problem solvers, with nearly 450 students from 25 schools participating from across Indiana and Illinois. This was the 51st year for the competition, making it one of the nation's longest-running high school math contests.

Carmel's championship was assisted by students and teams having the top scores in three of the four grade divisions.

Terre Haute South placed second overall, followed by Castle of Newburgh, Ind., Central of Champaign, Ill., and Signature School of Evansville, Ind.

Kevin Liu of Carmel was the lone student to correctly answer all 20 questions within the one-hour testing period. He joined classmate Jessica Zhang in receiving the Mary Rhein Memorial Award for having the top male and female sophomore scores. Brian Zhang and Angela Li, both from Carmel, received the Sally Shonk Memorial Award for having the top male and female scores in the freshman grade division.

Team and individual results, by grade division, were:

Senior Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Castle, 3. William Henry Harrison (Lafayette), 4. Fishers

Senior Individual: 1. Caleb He, Carmel; 2. Agustin Garcia, William Henry Harrison, 2. Anthony Ji, Carmel; 3. Brendon Yap, Carmel; 4. Hailey Heidecker, Castle; 5. Evan Thomas, Castle; 6. Ethan Roberts, William Henry Harrison; 7. Micah Hoeksema, Marion; 7. Truman Bennet, Marion; 8. Mattieu Picard, Fishers; 9. Bryan Huang, Champaign Central; 9. Neil Thompson, Zionsville; 9. Anton Smodilla, Terre Haute North; 10. Jialin Li, St. Thomas More (Champaign, Ill.); 11. Abby Grillo, Signature; 12. Megan Griffin, Marion; 12. Emma Weber, St. Thomas More

Junior Team: 1. Park Tudor, 2. Carmel, 3. Terre Haute South, 4. Zionsville

Junior Individual: 1. Michelle Shen, Park Tudor (Indianapolis), 2. Alex Gu, Park Tudor; 3. John Dalloul, Terre Haute South; 4. Jenny Zhou, Park Tudor; 5. Allen Zhang, Carmel; 6. Jeremy Chiang, Zionsville; 6. Pranav Sriram, Carmel; 7. Isaac Meng, Fishers; 7. Anthony Weng, Fishers; 8. Allen Zhao, Park Tudor; 9. Justin Rowe, Terre Haute South; 9. Elizabeth Wuertley, Marion; 9. Eric Zhu, Carmel; 10. Satya Sanapati, Castle; 11. Ethan Beachy, Terre Haute Christian Home Educators; 11. Sarah Hiatt, Fishers; 11. Lauren Koch, Signature; 11. Michael Lee, St. Thomas More; 11. Jeremy Rusk, Terre Haute South; 11. Dylan Verst, Terre Haute South; 12. Dana Yun, Champaign Central

Sophomore Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Park Tudor, 3. Castle, 4. Terre Haute South

Sophomore Individual: 1. Kevin Liu, Carmel; 2. Joey Heerens, Carmel; 3. Anthony Ou, Carmel; 4. Varun Chheda, Park Tudor; 5. Jessica Zhang, Carmel; 6. Rithwik Palivela, Carmel; 7. Akio Fujita, Carmel; 7. Ethan Kirsch, Terre Haute South; 7. Grant Thompson, Zionsville; 8. Matt Fu, Park Tudor; 8. Parker Jou, Carmel; 9. Satvik Kumar, Carmel; 10. Arunabh Sinha, Park Tudor; 10. Amy Tian, Carmel; 11. Austin Cron, Castle; 11. Rebecca Depasse, Terre Haute North; 12. Gus Weber, St. Thomas More

Freshman Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Terre Haute South, 3. Champaign Central, 4. Castle

Freshman Individual: 1. Brian Zhang, Carmel; 2. Angela Li, Carmel; 3. Anushka Dasgupta, Carmel; 3. Colin Tully, Fishers; 3. Jerry Wang, Carmel; 4. Kunhai Shah, Castle; 5. Yannik Singh, Carmel; 5. Shivang Bhaskar, Champaign Central; 6. Yueze Liu, Carmel; 7. Peter Christ, Terre Haute North; 7. Rafay Karim, Signature; 7. Kevin Li, Champaign Central; 8. Jason Feng, Terre Haute South; 8. Sarah Hoggatt, Terre Haute South; 9. Teagan Connon, Zionsville; 10. Landon Carre, Terre Haute South; 10. Kabir Sheth, Signature; 10. Sean Thierion de Monclin, Hamilton Southeastern; 11. Rishav Bhattacharjee, Hamilton Southeastern; 12. Lena Folse, Terre Haute South

Other schools participating this year included Covenant Christian, Hauser (Hope, Ind.), Lakeland (LaGrange, Ind.), Lutheran, Milan, New Tech Institute (Evansville), South Vermillion, Urbana (Ill.), Westfield and West Vigo.

The competition was organized by mathematics professor John Rickert and colleagues in Rose-Hulman's Department of Mathematics.