Four Award-Winning Professors Named Distinguished Faculty Chairs

Monday, December 07, 2015

Distinguished faculty professorships allow Rose-Hulman to honor its most gifted faculty members, highlight their career academic achievements, and, in some cases, provide annual stipends in support of research opportunities with undergraduate and graduate students, teaching, and professional development.

Each of the following new distinguished faculty members has been recognized with Dean's Outstanding Teacher or Board of Trustees' Outstanding Scholar awards.

Lawrence J. Giacoletto Endowed Faculty Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ed Wheeler

Edward Wheeler

As the second recipient of the Lawrence J. Giacoletto Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Edward Wheeler will continue to work with undergraduate and graduate students on groundbreaking research in electromagnetics and signal integrity. Wheeler, a 1982 Rose-Hulman alumnus, has been a member of the institute's faculty since 1999. He received the Outstanding Scholar Award in 2011 and has helped bring federally funded laboratories to campus for electromagnetics, micro-electro-mechanical systems, and nanotechnology. He also has earned honors from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, contributed to textbooks and several academic journal articles, and served a research fellowship from the U.S. Department of Education.

The faculty endowment was established by the Giacoletto family to honor Lawrence Giacoletto, a 1938 electrical engineering graduate of Rose-Hulman, then known as Rose Polytechnic Institute. Giacoletto was an engineering pioneer who created the groundbreaking hybrid-pi transistor model and played a key role in the development of the color television, hybrid electric vehicles, and other modern-day innovations.

Roland Hutchins Faculty Chair in Civil Engineering

Jim Hanson

James Hanson

James Hanson is the second professor to be the Roland Hutchins Faculty Chair in Civil Engineering. A member of the Rose-Hulman faculty since 2002 and fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Hanson received the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2012 and helped modify the institute's civil engineering graduate school program. He also has received awards from the American Society for Engineering Education and ACI for excellence and innovation in teaching. In 2004, Hanson started a National Science Foundation-sponsored project to interview 35 of America's leading practicing structural engineers-searching to find those traits that made them successful. He specializes in structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, and steel structures.

The faculty chair was established in 1998 by Charles and Margorie Hutchins in honor of Roland Hutchins, who taught civil engineering at Rose-Hulman from 1924 to 1956.

Samuel F. Hulbert Faculty Chair in Biomedical Engineering

Renee Rogge

Renee Rogge

Biology and biomedical engineering professor Renee Rogge is beginning her second two-year appointment as the Samuel F. Hulbert Faculty Chair in Biomedical Engineering. In this role, she has worked with several students during the summer on extended research projects, mentored senior-year biomedical engineering student teams that have earned national awards for workplace innovation and design, and assisted National Science Foundation-sponsored student design projects to improve opportunities for people with disabilities. Rogge earned the Board of Trustees' Outstanding Scholar Award in 2014; has been the technical director of the institute's Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory, and is co-chair of a biennial national capstone engineering design conference.

The faculty chair recognizes Hulbert's career contributions as an inspirational educator and biomedical pioneer. He served as Rose-Hulman's 11th president from 1976 to 2004, leading the institute to national leadership in undergraduate science, engineering, and mathematics education. During his career, he was viewed worldwide as a leader in the use of ceramics to create artificial knees, hips, and dental prostheses.

Herman A. Moench Distinguished Professor

Rick Ditteon

Richard Ditteon

Richard Ditteon has made a significant impact on Rose-Hulman during his 31 years as a professor of physics and optical engineering. He is director of the Oakley Observatory, providing opportunities for students to conduct astronomy research with state-of-the-art facilities at observatories on campus and in Australia. He also has led Rose-Hulman's Operation Catapult program, which allows senior-level high school students to explore their interests in science, engineering, and mathematics, and is co-director of the institute's Accelerated Math Physics program, a five-week summer experience giving entering freshmen a head start toward achieving their Rose-Hulman academic goals. Ditteon, a 1974 Rose-Hulman graduate, earned the Board of Trustees' Outstanding Scholar Award in 2002 and the Rose-Hulman Alumni Association's Honor Alumni Award in 2009.

Moench was a distinguished alumnus, electrical engineering professor, and administrator.