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Rose-Hulman Ventures Develops SimpleOnBoard System to Simplify Corporate Hiring Practices

Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Business Solution: Sandor Pethes (top), Rose-Hulman Ventures' Manager of Software Engineering, worked with student interns to create SimpleOnBoard, a paperless onboarding system that helps speed up the hiring process for businesses, while also making the application process more convenient for jobseekers. (Photo by Shawn Spence)

Rose-Hulman students are learning while producing industry-changing software for the business community through Rose-Hulman Ventures.

Among the latest innovative products is SimpleOnBoard, a simple-to-use software system offered by TaxBreak that assists human resources offices in speeding up the hiring process, while also making it easy for jobseekers. Key product features allow employers to meet federal employment compliance guidelines, integrate with applicant tracking and payroll systems.

"We were searching for a couple of years for an onboarding product to buy. This software is the best that we saw on the market," says Shannon Scott, TaxBreak's chief executive officer.

Rose-Hulman Ventures Manager of Software Engineering Sandor Pethes worked with student interns to create the paperless onboarding system that handles tax forms, electronic verification, digital signatures, direct deposit, tax credit screening and processing, and company policies.

Lindsey Watterson, a software engineering and biomedical engineering major, began working on the project as an intern, and over time became the project leader. A valuable part of the educational experience was helping clients understand complex technical issues-an ability that will benefit her future engineering career.

"When I began working on the project, I didn't know the (computer) languages," she says. "In two weeks I taught myself enough to do production work on site."

Pethes, a 2002 Rose-Hulman computer science graduate, found the correct computer language for the project, and gave Watterson confidence to develop SimpleOnboard.

"It's satisfying to see our interns benefit from our projects," he says. "Through her studies on campus, Lindsey had a solid foundation to adapt the computer language to meet the client's needs."

Now, thousands of businesses use the SimpleOnBoard dashboard every day to hire. The software is functional and takes less than 30 minutes to train staff members on how to use it. Typical onboarding time is less than 10 minutes for a new hire.

"Everything we asked to be done, was completed efficiently," Scott says of working with the Rose-Hulman Ventures' project development team. "The process was seamless and flawless…I was excited about the work, and tremendously impressed that it was students who did this."

Started by Rose-Hulman in 2000, Rose-Hulman Ventures delivers innovative engineering solutions for a diverse clientele of partners in a variety of industry sectors. It is located in a 35,000 square-foot facility on the institute's South Campus that features professional-level laboratory equipment, engineering tools, machine shops, and client workspaces.