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Rose-Hulman Graduates Start Off With Strong Starting Salaries

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Great Career Options:Rose-Hulman graduates have several job opportunities which offer lofty starting and mid-career salaries, according to a national survey. (Photo by Dale Long)

Rose-Hulman graduates start their careers with lofty salaries and continue to perform well in their mid-careers, putting the institute's alumni among the nation's highest wage earners, according to PayScale Inc.'s 2014-15 College Salary Report.

An early-career (0-5 years after graduating) salary average of $67,300 for all bachelor-degree earners ranks Rose-Hulman at No. 9 on this year's top-college salary list. The mid-career (10-plus years) average is $115,700, which ranks No. 24 nationally.

PayScale collected data from more than 1.5 million graduates from more than 1,000 universities, military, and tech colleges that send their graduates into the workforce with the highest starting salaries. The report provides helpful information for high school students and their parents reviewing college options.

"Prospective college students are being asked to make critical decisions about their financial future without all of the necessary information," says Lydia Frank, PayScale's editorial director, in a company press release. "If students understand a bit about their future earning potential before making choices about where to attend, what to major in and how much to borrow, they'll be in a much better position financially once they graduate and enter the workforce."

Engineering schools and schools that grant a large number of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degrees tend to rank high on PayScale's lists, especially for early-career salaries, because those skills are in such high demand in today's economy. Engineers and tech workers have the easiest time finding high-paying work right out of school, with Rose-Hulman perennially having job placement rates above 98 percent within six months of commencement.

"The relationship between college tuition, what a student chooses to study while in school, and becoming a wage earner after graduation has become clear," states Katie Bardaro, PayScale's lead economist, in the news release.

Rose-Hulman ranked seventh nationally on PayScale's 2014 College Return on Investment Report, with a 20-year net return of $736,200.