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Please note that the dates are for consideration only. It may happen that due to availablity of referees or necessary revisions, we may not be able to publish in the issue for which the paper was submitted. If that is the case, we should be able to publish the paper in the following issue.
  • Spring issue - February 1
  • Fall issue - September 15

In order to begin the review process of your paper, we must receive the following:

  • Submission Letter
  • Abstract
  • Paper
  • Sponsor's Letter
The submission letter must be sent to mathjournal@rose-hulman.edu. Please note that it is common practice to submit an article to only one journal at a time. This letter should contain:
  • A statement requesting that your paper be published in the RHIT Mathematics Journal.
  • The place and dates the work was completed.
  • A short biographical sketch which will be included on-line with your paper. Please include a sentence giving the circumstances in which the work was completed. You may also include hobbies, future plans, etc.
  • The name of the mathematician who will be acting as your sponsor.
  • Any additional instructions concerning the paper and its contents.
  • Attachments to your letter should include your paper, abstract, and other files related to your paper.
Readers will be able to access the abstract separately from the paper, so your abstract should therefore be concise, thorough, and informative.

Your submission should:
  • be written in English using some form of Tex or Microsoft Word.
  • be well-written, be interesting to a wide range of readers, and to have a level of mathematical maturity that is clearly beyond a typical homework assignment.
  • have an extremely good introduction. Give background information on the topic, provide motivation for the results in the paper, and examples if appropriate. Keep in mind that readers of the journal will generally not have any expertise in the topic of your paper, so the introduction must provide enough general information to entice the reader to continue reading.
  • contain many examples and figures which will help the reader understand your work.
  • contain appropriate references.
You are responsible for requesting a letter be sent by a mathematician familiar with your work and circumstances. Although we ask that you give us the mathematician's name, we will not request a letter. When you talk to your sponsor, please direct that person to the "sponsor guidelines" link found on the journal's homepage.