(adapted from MAA)

  1. You will be allotted 15 minutes. You should plan to leave a 5 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions.
  2. A presider will be assigned to facilitate each session of presentations. The presider will introduce the speaker, assist in distribution of any handouts, signal the end of the presentation, and ask for questions from the audience.
  3. If handouts are to be provided, give them to the presider prior to the beginning of the session including your talk. Plan to bring about 50 handouts and be prepared to give attendees your address in case the supply runs out.
  4. Do not plan to present so much detailed material that your presentation become rushed. Focus on providing the audience with insight into your topic and its key notions during the presentation. Remember that very few members of the audience will be experts in the field you are discussing.
  5. The use of transparencies on an overhead projector greatly enhances the pace of a presentations. But make sure that notes on transparencies are written or typed in font big enough with a spacing adequate to be seen clearly 50 to 100 feet away. Simply copying ordinary typewritten pages will not produce readable transparencies.