Rose-Hulman NSF-REU - Summer 2002 Picture Page

Inverse Problems: Cynthia Gangi, Sameer Shah, Melissa e. Vellela, Ron Ogborne
Tilings: Isabell Averill, Michael Burr, John Gregoire, Kathryn Zuhr
All of us together
Back Row, Left to Right:: Cynthia Gangi, Melissa Vellela, Kathryn Zuhr, Sameer Shah, Ron Ogborne, John Gregoire, Michael Burr, Isabell Averill
Kneeling, Left to Right: Kurt Bryan, Allen Broughton
After the Canoe Trip at Turkey Run
Left to Right: Kurt Bryan, Michael Burr, Isabell Averill, Melissa Vellela, Ron Ogborne, Kathryn Zuhr, John Gregoire, (Allen Broughton taking the picture)
Picture of 2002 REU Conference - Indiana University, July 19,2002
Indiana University, Purdue University, Notre Dame, Rose-Hulman, Wabash
Thanks to IU for putting on the conference.

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