Math 478

Topics in Number Theory:  Quadratic Field Cryptography

Instructor: Joshua Holden
Office: G207
Office Phone: 877-8320
Web Page: 


Do these:  Gaussian Primeslook like primes to you?
What about these:  Eisenstein Primes?
How do you tell whether a complex number is prime, anyway?

Do these complex numbers:   Eisenstein Integers look like the beginnings of a secret code? 
Maybe they should!


The official prerequisite for this class is DISCO II (Math 375) or Number Theory (Math 378).  If you have had DISCO I but not DISCO II, or if you have had some other experience with number theory or cryptography, come see me and we'll talk.


The primary textbook for this course will be Advanced Number Theory with Applications, by Richard Mollin.  This will undoubtedly need to be supplemented with other material as we go along.

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