MA 479 / CSSE 479: Cryptography

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
A joint effort of the
Department of Mathematics
and the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
Spring term, 2003-2004

Welcome to the web site for MA 479 / CSSE 479: Cryptography.


14 Mar
I'm afraid that office hours are going to be a little unusual this week, because of some extra classes I'm going to be teaching and also the Rose Undergraduate Math Conference.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I may not be in my office 4th hour, since it will be my only chance for lunch. If you know that you need to talk with me during that time, please let me know and we will work something out. I will be having office hours 7th hour as usual those days.

On Friday, I will not have office hours 7th hour because of the Math Conference. I will have office hours 4th hour that day.

I expect to be in my office, or at least around the math department, more often than usual 8th and 9th periods this week. I also expect to be on campus most of the day Wednesday. I would be happy to schedule appointments during these times, or call my office to check if I'm there.

11 Apr
I've been grading the CS part of Homework 2 over break and I've discovered that there were a number of mistakes in implementing DES and SDES which will affect the accuracy of some of the problems on the CS part of Homework 3. Therefore I'm changing the homework schedule a bit; instead of Homework 4 being due on Thursday, only the math part will be due and there's a Homework 3.5 CS part which consists of making the appropriate changes to Homework 3. The CS part of Homework 4 will be due next Monday. There's a full description of Homework 3.5 posted online, and the online schedule has been changed.

If the new arrangement of the schedule is going to cause a serious problem for anyone, please let me know.