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ECE 130  

 INtroduction  TO LOGIC DESIGN

Course Home
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MTRF 6rd hour
  Room # : Olin 257

 Textbook: Pragmatic Logic: A Non-idealistic, Practical, Opinionated Look at Digital Logic Design, by William J. Eccles
Simulation Software: Logic works-4 for Windows from Capilano Computing

Course Grading:

10% : Homework
5 % : Quizzes
20% : Project

45% : Tests
20% : Final Exams



                        Catalog description: Combinational logic design, Boolean algebra, logic minimization, Karnaugh maps, static and dynamic hazards, multiplexers and memories in combinational design, flip-flops, registers and counters, finite state machine design. Use of logic simulator for several design problems.

Course Objectives: Fundamental concepts, analysis and design techniques of digital systems will be introduced through examples and simulation. Digital system design processes and methodologies will be discussed and practiced with in class and homework problems and a final team project.

Course outcomes: Upon the completion of this course, the student should be able to analyze and design combinational and sequential circuits as well as to complete a digital system design project

Homework: Homework may be assigned twice per week. Late homework will not be accepted.

Quizzes:    In class quizzes and exercises assume that you have read the text and done the homework.

Tests and Final exam:  Three full-class-period tests and the final exam are closed book and closed notes. The final exam will be scheduled in the exam week.

Project: A team design project will be assigned during the last two weeks.  Grading for the project will have the following breakdown.

 Block Diagram Memo                  5%

State Diagram Memo                   10%

Verification Memo                       15%

 Simulation                                     15%

 Final Written Report                    35%

 Oral Presentation                         20%



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