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DIGILENT Inc. and Rose Hulman Institute of Technology announce the  5th  Annual



Digilent Design Contest 2011


About the Contest:


Eligibility: The contest is open to all ECE and CS  students enrolled at RHIT.

Teams: Teams may consist of one or two team members. (Two member teams are encouraged)

Scope of Projects: This is an open competition. We are looking for creative designs that utilize Digilent’s product line and solve problems or have real world applications. 


Key dates (to be announced later):

  •    Registration begins December _______2010, and ends February _______, 2011 .

Register by emailing Prof. Mihaela Radu at radu@rose-hulman.edu

o       Your email must contain:

§        Name of your project

§         Team Members (email address, campus box, major)

§        Short description of your project (max 300 word)

§        Key words (4-5 key words) describing your project

  • Hardware distribution- early  February 2011. 

  • Project Completion. Turn in the project (complete documentation-entire zip archive of your projects) by April _________,  2011

  • Final project presentations : late April, early May 

 Prof. Radu will be available to discuss the contest every Thursday, 8th hour.


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Sponsors Include:


Links: www.digilentinc.com,        www.xilinx.com

Last modified: Thursday August 26, 2010