The 2017 2018
RoseBOT Parade

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An event dedicated exclusively to teachers and advisors in the STEM field, especially robotics, who would like to participate in several robotics and programming “Dem-Its” (we show it) and “Do-Its” (you do-it).

Several technologies will be on parade, and in addition, we will host a tour of our campus and share information about several competitions we host for high school and middle school students.


July 25, 2017 date TBD


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

5500 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute, IN 47803


Questions? Call or email Charity Mouck, Center for Diversity, Rose-Hulman Insitute of Technology.

Phone: (812) 877-8616.

Email: mouck1 AT

What you will experience at RoseBOT Parade:

A-Maze-Ing Mobile Robots!

Your instructor, Dr. Carlotta Berry, will:

Describe (and invite you to attend) the ROSE-BUD SPARK! design competition held every spring at Rose-Hulman.

Give you a brief introduction to robotics, engineering, and graphical programming.

Lead you in a hands-on experience working in teams of 2 to program a Scribbler robot to draw, dance and play music!

Botball! A Robotics Competition for Middle and High School Students

Your instructor, Dr. David Mutchler, will:

Describe Botball and explain how your school can form a team. Botball is notable among the various robotics competitions in that it is the only one in which the robots are completely autonomous — no remote-control! This restriction requires that students do careful engineering design with a strong emphasis on the software development (programming) side of robotics.

Lead you in a hands-on, team experience in which you design, build and program a robot from way-cool equipment: Roomba Robots, high-powered controllers, color cameras, lots of motors and sensors, and more! (Actually, that is what your school's team will do over 3 months, but you will get a taste of much of it during this workshop.)

High School Autonomous Vehicle Challenge

Your instructor, Dr. Marc Herniter, will give you a taste of the workshop described to the right: