How to Configure Eclipse for Java

Mobile Game Development


Once you have installed Eclipse, follow these directions to configure it to develop code in Java.

Configuring Eclipse for Java

Follow all of the following steps to configure Eclipse on Windows for Java:

  1. Download Eclipse preferences
    1. Download this zipped Eclipse preferences file
    2. Extract the single EclipsePreferencesForJava<version>.epf file to a place of your choosing. (You may delete the file after completing the rest of these instructions.)
  2. Create a folder
    1. In Windows, create a folder (appropriately named JavaProjects ) to use for your Java projects. One suggested structure is to put it in your MobileGames folder,
      e.g., My Documents\MobileGames\JavaProjects\.
  3. Import the preferences
    1. Launch Eclipse
      1. If Eclipse offers to Select a workspace, browse to the JavaProjects folder you just created and check the Use this as default box.
      2. Otherwise, choose File → Switch Workspace → Other…, and browse to the JavaProjects folder you just created.
    2. Click the Workbench arrow
    3. Now you are ready to set the preferences for that workspace:
      1. Choose File → Import....
      2. In the Importdialog box, select General → Preferences and click Next.
      3. Browse for the preferences file, EclipsePreferencesForJava<version>.epf, that you downloaded above.
      4. Make sure the Import All radio button is selected, then click Finish.