For this assignment, you will write down your answers to the questions, then discuss them with your group. Then your group will share the most interesting examples with the class.

Your name:

  1. Think of an example of a program you have debugged using divide-and-conquer ideas. If you're having difficulties, check the end of the chapter summary and think of how you might have used some of those techiniques in the past. If you're still having difficulties, think of a non-debugging problem.

    1. What was the issue?
    2. What technique from the book did you use?
    3. How did you ultimately solve the problem?
  2. We are keeping simple debugging documents in this class. This is fine for small teams and small problems. In industry, the teams are often bigger and the problems much more complex. Describe a good, practical process for tracking bugs in such an environment. Try to use tools and workflows you already understand.

  3. How many people in your group shared their contributions?