GHS tools install

We will be installing some debugging tools provided by Green Hills Software.


  1. Install VMware
    • Visit RHIT-Banner > ROSEportal > VMware Webstore
    • Make sure you have pop ups enabled for banner web or the store won't open
    • Download and install VMware Workstation (Windows/Linux) or Fusion (MacOS)
    • Make sure to copy the product serial number (you will need this for product activation)
  2. You can use different VM software if you want (for example, VirtualBox)
  3. Download Ubuntu distribution:
    • For example, here is a recent release (1.9 GB).
    • Any modern distribution will be sufficient but instructions are written for this one

Create a Virtual Machine in VMware

  1. Create a new virtual machine (File > new)
  2. Drag your Linux distribution to the new window to start installation then click continue
  3. Check "Make your home folder accessible to the VM"
  4. Save VM to default folder (rename if desired)
  5. Feel free to change the default amount of dedicated CPU cores and memory (Found in "Processors and Memory")
    • For my machine I did 4 cores and 16 GB
    • Allocating too much to the VM will lower overall performance
  6. Exit out of settings and start VM by pressing play button
  7. Follow prompts to complete installation

Installing GHS Tools

After Linux is installed on the VM, follow these steps:

  1. Install git:
    sudo apt-get install git
  2. Clone the repo with the tools:
    git clone
  3. Run the installer in the repo:
    sudo ./ginstall
  4. Install dependencies when prompted. You may need to run apt-get update after adding the i386 architecture. Rerun the installer after the dependencies are installed.
  5. Click Advanced Install
  6. Change the paths to the /usr/ghs/comp and /usr/ghs/multi tools
  7. Adjust paths by adding this to the bottom of your ~/.bashrc:
    export PATH=“$PATH:/usr/ghs/comp:/usr/ghs/multi
  8. Setup the license:
    1. Run sudo /usr/ghs/multi/mprojmgr
    2. Select "License my MULTI products"
    3. Set value to

Show your instructor that you can run the Multi debugger by running mprojmgr.