Project week2

In this project, you will be debugging a ray tracer. You should use the Eclipse tools and JIVE.

Here is an image the ray tracer should produce.


However, the current ray tracer produces very noisy images.


For this assignment, you should find and correct the issue. You will be primarily graded based on the content of your debugging log, not a correct solution.

This assignment is done in groups. The groups are:

petrisjj neessc
wangc6 mckownqa
huangf1 calarejf
liur5 chanck
paytonzk chenj10
shenx xiey2
johnsor2 zhengj2
clonintl shaferw
fengy3 wangy18
graziodj mongovsp
sheffeit proctem
hilliara schluncg

Your groups repo is at


Log describes hypotheses 0 : Missing or weak hypotheses 3 : Hypotheses follow observations
Log describes tests 0 : Missing or weak tests 3 : Tests follow hypotheses
Log describes observations 0 : Missing or weak observations 3 : Observations follow tests
Bug solution 0 : Bug is not solved 1 : Bug is solved