Final Project

General Description

Work on a project of your choosing. You may work in groups of 3 or 4. Topics are your choice, but must be graphics related (I reserve veto power). Project presentations (with accompanying demonstrations) will be held tenth week.

There are several artifacts that compose the final project:

Part of your grade will be based on individual effort. This will be based on demonstrated contributions like:

Possible projects:

Project goals

Your team will need to decide on the requirements for your project. These should be appropriate for your groups size. Send these to me within a day or two of the start of the project.


The project groups are:

Repo: 1819c-csse451-groupA

Repo: 1819c-csse451-groupB

Your repos are at

Weekly reports

Each member will need to send me a weekly report. Your report should include the following:

Project Presentations

You will have an entire class hour to present your final project.

Final project presentations should include two key components: a tutorial on the area you explored and a demonstration of what you implemented. The tutorial should educate the rest of us about the area of graphics you explored. In short, teach us some of what you learned working on your project. The demonstration should focus on how you applied your new knowledge.

Project Report

This document describes the details of your project. It should include a title, list of authors (group members), a tutorial on installing, building, and using your project.

Additionally, you must provide an overview of your project. This should be included the information from the presentation in more detailed form. Depending on your project, this may include details on the algorithms and techniques used, implementation methods, and error/performance evaluations.


You must create a webpage or webpages that organizes all your project materials (presentation, report, code, etc.). The top level webpage should be index.html.

Submission Procedure

Most items should be submitted electronically. There are a few exceptions. Group evaluations should be submitted directly to me in hardcopy. In addition, I'd like a paper copy of your report.

Materials submitted electronically should be deposited in group repository. You should include your presentation materials, project document, source code, a working executable of your project, and your webpage.

The project is due by the end of 10th week.