Algorithm design 1

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Answer each of these in your own words. You must state the assumptions and deficiency with your proposed solution.

  1. You wish to use a rasterizer to render a very high polygon count model at high framerate. Unfortunately, the model is too complex to render real-time. Devise a solution that allows a rasterizer to present a view of the model to the user at high framerates.

  2. You wish render an animated scene with a ray tracer. Unfortunately, you realize this means that you must rebuild the BVH acceleration structure each time the animation changes. Devise a way to render an animated scene interactively with a ray tracer.

  3. Given the standard OpenGL rendering framework of vertex shaders for matrix transforms, fragment shaders for surface effects, and render-to-texture for post-process effects, how can we determine what objects a user interacts with in a scene? That is, when the user clicks, what object is under the cursor?

  4. Given a typical rasterizer with a fragment shader step, is it possible to render global illumination effects in a scene?