CSSE 413 - Artificial Intelligence
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Software Engineering Department
Fall 2021


CSSE 230 and a lot of curiosity.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this course should be able to:

  1. Apply:
  2. Explain philosophical and ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence.
  3. Explain current applications of artificial intelligence.



Eric Chen is our TA this term. His RHIT username is: chenz16


Please consult the schedule for class materials, topics covered and assignments.


Your grade will be calculate based on the following components and weights. Your assignment scores will be recorded in Moodle. I will assign grades according to the following over scores: 90+: A, 87-89.99: B+, 80-86.99: B, 77-79.99: C+, 70-76.99: C, 67-69.99: D+, 60-66.99: D, 0-59.99: F

Cutting-edge work presentation10%
Cutting-edge work report5%
Take-home final3%

The course has some activities which are individual ones, auch as the reviews and some of the programming assignments. Others are team activities, such as some of the programming assignments and the presentation of current work.

Late Policy. Late work will be scored as follows:

< 3 hours late100% of score
24 hours late85% of score
48 hours late50% of score
> 48 hours late0% of score


See the Moodle course page.

Attendance Policy/Class Etiquette

Attendance policy

Artificial Intelligence is a fun and interesting topic. I expect that you participate fully in this class. If you are bored in class, feel free to suggest ways to make class more interesting. I expect everyone to be a good citizen, doing things which will aid in the learning of everyone in this course and avoiding activities which will distract from them.

Academic Integrity

See the departmental statement on academic honesty. Dishonesty on any work turned in for grading may result in a lowered course grade or a grade of an F in the course. If at any time you are concerned about whether certain actions of yours or others, may constitute a violation of this policy, please contact your instructor. I may use plagiarism tools.


While we hope you feel comfortable speaking with any faculty in the department, if you have a concern and are not sure where to go, the following CSSE faculty have volunteered to be ombudsmen for the department: Sid Stamm (F216), Amanda Stouder (F222), Kim Tracy (D216) and Robert Williamson (F205).

Pandemic Policy

Below is my course policy for this pandemic.