CSSE 404: Compiler Construction Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Software Engineering Department
Winter 2017

Course catalog description

Theory and practice of programming language translation. Lexical analysis, syntax analysis, parser generators, abstract syntax, symbol tables, semantic analysis, intermediate languages, code generation, code optimization, run-time storage management, error handling. Students will construct a complete compiler for a small language.


Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this course should be able to:


Michael Wollowski




I plan to use the weighting scheme shown in the table below when assigning grades.

Weight Criterium
55% Project
15% Exam
10% Assignments/Quizzes
15% Class presentations
5% Class participation

Late Policy

Students who struggled in this class in the past largely did so because they fell behind on the initial stages of the project. The project is almost completely cummulative; failure to complete one stage will prevent completion of subsequent stages. The late policy is designed to encourage you to submit work on time, while still giving credit for work completed somewhat late.

Your earned score on project milestones will be subject to the following multipliers:

Time Handed In Grade Multiplier
On time 100%
< 24 hours late (1 day) 90%
< 36 hours late (1.5 days) 80%
< 48 hours late (2 days) 70%
< 72 hours late (3 days) 50%
< 96 hours late (4 days) 25%
≥ 96 hours late (4 days) 0%


The Institute policy on academic misconduct states that:
"Rose-Hulman expects its students to be responsible adults and to behave at all times with honor and integrity."

Exam and homework will be done on an individual basis. The simple rule of thumb for individual work is:

Never give or use someone else's code or written answers, unless it is a team assignment and the person is on your team.

Such exchanges are definitely cheating and not cooperation. The departmental statement on academic honesty has more detailed advice.

Plagiarism or cheating will result in a grade of an "F" in the course and they will also be report to the Dean of Students.