CSSE 413 - Artificial Intelligence
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Software Engineering Department
Spring 2019

Catalog Course Description

Students investigate how to model and implement intelligent behavior using computers. Topics are chosen from how machines can solve problems; reason and use knowledge; learn from experience; and perceive and act. Students explore these topics by implementing many of the ideas in software. Readings are drawn both from a textbook and from technical papers in recent conferences and journals.


CSSE 230 and a lot of curiosity.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this course should be able to:

  1. Apply:
  2. Explain philosophical and ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence.
  3. Explain current applications of artificial intelligence.

Follow-up Courses

This is an introductory course, covering the foundations and a few central applications of AI. We offer a couple of advanced AI courses, such as: Swarm Intelligence, Image Recognition, Machine Learning (in Math).




Please consult the schedule for class materials, topics covered and assignments.


Your grade will be calculate based on the following components and weights. Your assignment scores will be recorded in Moodle. This and the newsgroup are the only use of Moodle for this class. Everything else will be posted on the web. I will assign grades according to the following over scores: 90+: A, 87-89.99: B+, 80-86.99: B, 77-79.99: C+, 70-76.99: C, 67-69.99: D+, 60-66.99: D, 0-59.99: F

Cutting-edge work presentation10%
Cutting-edge work report5%
Class participation5%
Take-home final5%

The course has some activities which are individual ones, auch as the reviews and some of the programming assignments. Others are team activities, such as some of the programming assignments and the presentation of current work.

Late Policy. Late work will be scored as follows:

< 3 hours late100% of score
24 hours late75% of score
48 hours late50% of score
72 hours late25% of score
> 72 hours late0% of score


See the Moodle course page.

Attendance Policy/Class Etiquette

Attendance is mandatory. If you cannot make it to class for some reason or other, you are still responsible for all materials covered in class as well as all announcements.

Artificial Intelligence is a fun and interesting topic. We expect that you participate fully while in class. If you are bored in class, feel free to suggest ways to make class more interesting. Surfing the web for unrelated materials, playing games, or working on homeworks during class time are not good ways to make class more interesting. We expect everyone to be a good citizen, doing things which will aid in the learning of everyone in class and avoiding activities which will distract from them. If at any time during the quarter, we feel that you are being a poor citizen, we may ask you to bring (Square) donuts to class. In general, good citizenship will be rewarded through the participation portion of your grade.

Academic Integrity

See the departmental statement on academic honesty. Dishonesty on homeworks or exams may result in a lowered course grade or a grade of an F in the course. If at any time you are concerned about whether certain actions of yours or others, may constitute a violation of this policy, please contact your instructor.