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Take the Lead with Fast Track Calculus

Important Dates for 2017

Application Materials due Thursday, April 20
Acceptance Announcements Monday, May 1
Fast Track Calculus begins Sunday, July 16
Fast Track Calculus ends Friday, August 18

What is Fast Track Calculus?

Fast Track Calculus is an intensive five-week course intended for outstanding students who have had one year of calculus in high school. In these five weeks, Fast Track students cover differential and integral calculus, all of multivariable calculus, and become familiar with the computer implementation of mathematics. Successful completion of Fast Track Calculus means that the normal 15 hours of freshman calculus is complete. The student receives 15 hours of academic credit and is able to enter sophomore-level mathematics courses as a freshman.

You get credit for Calculus I, II, and III in just five weeks. All this before you start your freshman year! With the credit hours you gain, you can take higher-level courses or get a head start on a minor, double major or graduate school.

If you are taking BC Calculus, consider looking at our Accelerated Math Physics Program.

Do I Qualify?
Fast Track Calculus is only open to incoming freshmen students who meet minimum requirements.


The Fast Track course fee is $4,300 and includes tuition, and room and board, for the duration of FTC. The students will be on the standard Rose-Hulman 18-meal program. The only additional cost to the student will be incidental expenses. Please note there is no additional financial assistance available for Fast Track Calculus

Remember: All participants are required to live on campus during Fast-Track Calculus.

Wayne Tarrant

Wayne Tarrant

Director, Fast Track Calculus
(812) 877-8720