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Increasing globalization and the need for rapid implementation of innovations mean that the 21st Century engineers and scientists need to think like entrepreneurs. Everyone does not have to start a technology-based business, but understanding the business requirements of technology commercialization needs to be part of the preparation of technical leaders.

Engineering Management offers an entrepreneurship minor for undergraduates to consider. The program provides the basic tools for making new technology commercially successful.

The requirements of the undergraduate minor are 20 credits of the following:

Required Courses (8 credits)

  • EMGT 330 - Introduction to Engineering Management
  • EMGT 532 - Technical Entrepreneurship


  • IA 453 - The Entrepreneur

Choose three of the following courses (12 credits):

  • EMGT 520 - Accounting for Technical Managers
  • EMGT 523 - Marketing in New Product Development
  • EMGT 526 - Innovation Management and Forecasting
  • EMGT 527 - Project Management
  • SV 350 - Managerial Accounting
  • SV 356 - Corporate Finance
  • GS 350 - International Trade
  • GS 351 - International Finance

With approval from the Department Head of Engineering Management, course substitutions may be considered for better alignment with a student's professional aspirations.  No more than one course may be transferred in to count toward the minor. 

For more information contact the Engineering Management Department to discuss this opportunity: or 812-877-8822.  

The requirements for the graduate minor are:

  • EMGT520 - Accounting for Technical Managers
  • EMGT526 - Tech Mgmt and Forecasting
  • EMGT527 - Project Management
  • EMGT532 - Technical Entrepreneurship
  • EMGT5XX - Graduate course approved by Engineering Management Department Head

Please contact Craig Downing, Head, Department of Engineering Management at or 812-877-8822 to discuss either of these opportunities.