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Downing Craig2 2014

Craig G. Downing, Ph.D., CMfgE

Department Head and Associate Professor of Engineering Management

Office Number: DL112
Phone:  812-877-8822
Fax:  812-877-8878 
E-mail: craig.downing[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Craig Downing received his doctorate in Workforce Education and Development and MS in Manufacturing Systems from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  Dr. Downing has over 12 years experience teaching Manufacturing, Management, and Mathematics at the post-secondary level.  Additionally, he has amassed 10 years of industrial experience, four years as a Process Engineer and six years as a private consultant for organizations such as Lockheed Martin/NASA, Parker Hannifin, and Crain Enterprises.  His interests are rooted in Industrial-Academic relationships, Quality Management System Development, and Production/Operations Management.  He has multiple publications/presentations related to his areas of interest and continually explores new research opportunities related to Quality and Operations Management. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Andrijcic , Eva

Eva Andrijcic, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Engineering Management

Office Number: DL111
Phone:  812-877-8893
Fax:  812-877-8878
E-mail: eva.andrijcic[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Eva Andrijcic received her Ph.D. and M.S. in Systems and Information Engineering from University of Virginia, where she worked at the Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems. She received a B.S. in mathematics from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. Her major interests are in the areas of risk analysis and management, critical infrastructure management and protection, interdisciplinary engineering education, and risk education. She has worked on several large research projects, including projects for the Department of Homeland Security and the Mitre Corporation. Eva has several publications in the area of risk analysis and systems engineering, and she is a member of the Society for Risk Analysis, American Society for Engineering Education, and International Council on Systems Engineering.

 Hoffman Grant 2014

Grant Hoffman

Professor of Practice – Entrepreneurship

Office Number: DL113
Phone: 812-877-8856
E-mail: hoffmagt[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Grant returns to Rose-Hulman after 10 years of industrial leadership in medical device development.  After graduating from Rose-Hulman with degrees in Mechanical (BS) and Biomedical Engineering (MS), he developed implantable valve and stent technology at a multinational medical device company headquartered in Indiana. His passions lie in creating device concepts for unmet clinical needs, and continues to work in this space. Most recently, he worked as Innovations Officer for Cleveland Clinic Innovations, working alongside physicians to commercialize state-of-the-art technologies and improve the quality of patient care. He holds 13 US and International patents as well as multiple publications in the field.

Kline, Bill 108px

William Kline, Ph.D.

Dean of Innovation and Engagement and Professor of Engineering Management

Office Number: DL201
Phone:  812-877-8136
Fax:  812-877-8878  
E-mail: William.Kline[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Bill Kline received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois. In addition to his teaching experience at the University of Illinois in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, he served for many years as chief operating officer of an automated machine tool system company which he co-founded. He brings experience in manufacturing, systems and operations.  He has several technical publications in refereed journals, technical conferences, trade journals or textbooks relating to machining process modeling or machine tool sensing, monitoring and diagnostics.


Thomas Mason, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus - Engineering Management

Phone: 812-877-8155
Fax:  812-877-8878 
E-mail: Thomas.Mason[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Tom Mason was the founding Head of the Engineering Management Department. He was also founding Vice President for Entrepreneurship & Business Planning of Rose-Hulman Ventures. In addition to teaching, he has also served Rose-Hulman as Head of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vice-President for Administration and Finance, founding director of the institutes MSEM Program and Interim Vice President for Development. While on a three-year leave from Rose-Hulman, Tom served as CFO and CEO of a 140-person network management systems business. He has been advisor or director for several high tech firms and has been involved in national efforts to integrate entrepreneurship and engineering education. Dr. Mason received his PhD in economics from the University of Pittsburgh and his BA in economics from Geneva College.

Bill Riley

Bill Riley

Director, Case Study Initiative

Office Number: DL114
Phone: 812-877-8508
Fax: 812-877-8878

Bill Riley brings five years of college teaching experience and five years of professional communications and fundraising experience to the Case Study Initiative at Rose-Hulman. As director of the initiative, Bill is responsible for developing a repository for entrepreneurial engineering-focused case studies—and relevant classroom materials—at Rose-Hulman. Bill received an MFA in creative writing from The Ohio State University and a BA in communications from DePauw University.

Schumacher,Terry 108px

Terry Schumacher, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor - Engineering Management

Office Number: DL109
Phone:  812-877-8964
Fax:  812-877-8878 
E-mail: Terry.Schumacher[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Terry Schumacher received his PhD in Systems Science from Portland State University in 1992. He has conducted research in the design of training simulations, scenario planning, the N-K model, and changing organizational culture. He is interested in the impact of culture on strategy, innovation management, virtual teams, and the use of multimedia in planning and education. His work history includes 7 years as a policy analyst in the electric utility industry, 3 years in strategic activities in the European Computer-Industry Research Centre, and 2 years as a Research Fellow in multimedia at the Open University.

Stamper,Rick 108px

Rick Stamper, Ph.D.

Dean of Faculty
Professor of Engineering Management and Mechanical Engineering

Office Number: H202
Phone:  812-877-8956
Fax:  812-877-8878  
E-mail: rick.stamper[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Rick Stamper received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 1997 where he worked in the Institute for Systems Research.   His industrial experience includes positions as an area manager at Proctor & Gamble and Design Team Leader at GE.  He also spent one year at the Toshiba Appliance Engineering Laboratory in Yokohama Japan as part of a technical exchange between GE and Toshiba.  In 2004, he formed a small company to develop medical devices.  He holds two patents for halo orthoses.  He has served as an expert witness in both patent and product liability disputes.  He is a registered professional engineer and is a member of ASEE, ASME and SME.  He has been teaching at Rose-Hulman since 1998 and received the Deans Outstanding Teacher Award in 2006.  Rick is also registered as a patent agent before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Kristin White

Administrative Assistant

Office Number: DL110
Phone:  812-877-8568
E-mail: white4[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu