Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty Expertise

Sutterer Kevin  

Kevin G. Sutterer, Ph.D., P.E.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Waste Utilization in Structural Fills
  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  • Geosynthetics
  • Ground Modification and Geotechnical Construction

Industrial/Consulting Experience:
Six years' full time experience as a geotechnical consultant in most areas 
   of geotechnical engineering with particular expertise in:

  • liquefaction studies
  • seismic stability of earth structures
  • utilization of cementitious coal ash in fills
  • embankment dams
  • geosynthetics engineering
  • slope stability

Aidoo John  

John K. Aidoo, Ph.D.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Design
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Advanced Composite Materials

Industrial/Consulting Experience
Worked as a Structural Engineer in the fabrication department of a steel
manufacturing company in Ghana

  • Design, fabrication & construction of warehouses, factories & roof trusses

 Chapman Jeremy 140px  

Jeremy R. Chapman, Ph.D., J.D.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Rural Bicycle Safety
  • Geometric Design of Highways
  • Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Legal Aspects of Engineering

Industrial/Consulting Experience

   Six years of experience as a consultant in most areas of transportation          engineering with particular expertise in:

  • urban and rural highway design 
  • traffic impact analysis
  • intelligent transportation systems
  • site engineering and construction

Hanson James  

James H. Hanson, Ph.D., P.E.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Structural analysis
  • Structural design: reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, and steel
  • Solid mechanics
  • Fracture mechanics 
  • Finite element analysis

Industrial/Consulting Experience

  • Structural designer for a major chemical corporation
  • U.S. Army Engineer Officer
    design and build pipelines
    repair and rehabilitate small structures
    organize operations of combat engineer units
  • Consultant to various industrial clients about structural
    analysis, structural design, and materials testing issues

Kershaw, Kyle  

Kyle A. Kershaw, Ph.D., P.E.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Foundation Design, Modeling, and Testing
  • Earth Retention
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Soil-Structure Interaction

Industrial/Consulting Experience
Seven years' full time experience as a geotechnical consultant with particular expertise in:

  • deep foundations  
  • retaining walls
  • levees
  • soil and rock slope stabilization
  • risk-based design
  • numerical modeling
  • geologic hazard analysis. 

Lovell Matthew  

Matthew D. Lovell, Ph.D., P.E. 

Areas of Specialization:

  • Reinforced Concrete Design
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Dynamics of Structures
  • Bridge Design

Research Activities

  • Short and long term behavior of integral abutment bridges
  • Analysis and design of moment slabs for barrier rails attached to MSE walls
  • Behavior of concrete structures subjected to restrained shrinkage

Industrial Experience

  • Worked as a bridge engineer in a structural engineering consulting firm. Also served as a site operations engineer for an earthquake engineering research group.

McKinney James  

James L. McKinney, Ph.D., P.E.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Pavement management
  • Asphalt pavement recycling
  • Pavement rehabilitation
  • Asphalt concrete mixtures
  • Construction materials and methods
  • Engineering economics

Industrial/Consulting Experience

  • Indianapolis Department of Transportation, pavement design, construction, recycling and materials testing, pavement management, general consultant
  • Pavement management system development and building construction materials testing
  • Indiana Department of Highways, Quality Assurance Program - Bituminous Concrete

Payne Michellex140  

Michelle K. Marincel Payne, Ph.D.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water quality
  • Drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Environmental remediation
  • Biomimetic membranes

Industrial/Consulting Experience

  • Sandia National Laboratories:
    • Contributed to the Environmental Impact Statement for transport of spent nuclear fuel to Yucca Mountain
    • Developed a MicroShield model to estimate increase in doses from radioactive material transport in the event of a loss of shielding accident
    • Contributed to RADTRAN 6.0 radioactive material transport risk assessment code.

Mueller-Price Jennifer  

Jennifer Mueller Price, Ph.D., P.E.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Environmental River Mechanics/Eco-Hydraulics
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Surface Water Quality
  • Ecological Engineering

Industrial/Consulting Experience

  • Environmental consulting including US EPA over-sight of residential lead-contaminated soil removal, sampling and analysis plan for oil spill in an agricultural field and stream, spill prevention control and countermeasure plan, preliminary assessment/site inspection report, environmental site assessments, industrial compliance reports, field screening and hazard categorization.

Robinson Michael  

Michael A. Robinson, Ph.D., P.E.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Ground water 
  • Geographical information systems

Industrial/Consulting Experience

  • Six years experience in the public and private sector with experience in many areas of environmental engineering but with special emphasis in the areas of ground water model development and application and geographical information systems.