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Joanna Rosenbaum, class of 2011, Developer at Cook Medical

Our Successful Graduates

Employers seek Rose-Hulman ABBE graduates like Joanna, trusting them with great responsibility early on.

From course work to ever-broadening hands-on experiences, the programs in Rose-Hulman's ABBE department provide aggressive preparation for a strong career path.

Videos: The Value of a RHIT Degree

The personal stories of our Biology and Biomedical Engineering graduates illustrate the advantages of a Rose-Hulman degree. These recent grads can also provide a glimpse into how the Rose-Hulman advantage will play out over the coming years.

Students from Biomedical Engineering Program in Demand

The program is distinguished by specialized upper-level course work in either bioinstrumentation, biomaterials or biomechanics along with a four-term sequence in biomedical engineering design. As a result of this targeted training, top biomedical companies like Roche Diagnostics, Eli Lilly, Zimmer, Johnson & Johnson, and Beckman Coulter seek out Rose-Hulman biomedical engineering graduates for employment. Program graduates are also competitive, well-prepared candidates for post-graduate studies in engineering, law, medicine, and business. Our graduates have attended top schools in their respective fields, including Indiana University, Renssalaer polytechnic, University of Michigan, and Case-Western Reserve.

Biology Program Positions Students for Many Research Options

The program involves coursework in a variety of areas, with students choosing from among numerous electives like immunology, genomics and proteomics, applied microbiology, and field methods in enviromental science. All students complete a four-team sequence in biology research to produce a thesis. As a result of these experiences, major biology-related companies like Cook Biotech, Covance, Monsanto, and Southwest Research Institute seek out Rose-Hulman biology graduates for employment. These individuals are also recruited to well-renowned graduate programs at a variety of universities, like University of Massachusetts, Purdue University, University of Toronto, University of Chicago, and Northwestern University.

Why the Competitive Edge in Research

The Rose-Hulman ABBE programs also ensure that students are competitive, well-prepared candidates for post-graduate research.

Rose-Hulman students earn both research and career path experience as part of a partnership with the Joint Replacement Surgeons of Indiana (JRSI) Research Foundation. Through this program, students conduct important research projects on topics such as

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Contact Loading Utilizing a Digital Pressure Transducer, 2011
  • Computational and Experimental Assessment of PMAA in Orthopaedic Applications, 2010-2011
  • Studies in Tibial Loading Utilizing Digital Image Correlation Techniques, 2010-2011

The department continues to look for undergraduate and graduate students interested in research opportunities in the field of orthopedics.

There are many other projects available, including those provided by JRSI. View some of these and learn more about the program.  

Job Assurity

Sources like the Whitaker Foundation website, (www.whitaker.org) and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://www.bls.gov), show job growth in biomedical engineering at roughly double the average for all jobs. Even in a slow economy, the field has seen double digit job growth. Placement for Rose-Hulman ABBE graduates is well over 90%.