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*Parent/Child and Level 1 classes will be 30 minutes in length. *Levels 2-4 will be 45 minutes in length.

*Payment is due at the first lesson. We accept cash or check only.


Registration Instructions:

  • Registrations must be delivered by the registration deadline – April 1st - and are on a “First come, first serve” basis.
  • Every student must complete an initial assessment of ability once per year, prior to lessons.  The Assessment Night will be April 3rd at 6pm.
  • The minimum enrollment for each level is 3; the maximum enrollment for each level is 8.  If a registration is received, but there are no longer any open positions, you will be contacted to discuss further options.
  • All participants MUST complete a waiver form before participating in swim lessons.
  • Please make checks payable to “Rose-Hulman Intramurals”.

By clicking "Submit", the individual named as the "Participant" wishes to participate in the Group Swimming Lesson Package selected during the selected "Start Date" and "End Date" recognizes that there are risks of damage or injury arising from this event or from other activities (including travel) that may be associated with participation in the Group Swimming Lessons.

The participating individual voluntarily agrees to assume and/or incurs all risks of loss, impairment, damage or injury of whatever kind, including death, that may be sustained or suffered by participation in the Swimming Lessons whether or not the result in whole or in part of acts or omissions, negligence or other unintentional fault of the Swimming Lessons or Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  In addition, the participant (including his/her heirs, assigns and personal representatives) agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology from and against any claims, demands, actions, causes of action, lawsuits, expenses, or losses (including attorneys’ fees) on account of property damage or personal injury (including death) arising out of or attributable to the individual’s travel to or participating in the Swimming Lessons.

This Assumption of Risk and Release Waiver applies to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and all of its trustees, officers, directors, managers, servants, agents, faculty, staff, students, volunteers, employees, advisors and/or representatives.

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