Return to Work - Faculty and Staff Guidelines

May 21, 2020

Rose-Hulman continues to plan for employees to return to work and has developed a four-phase approach to assist departmental leaders, faculty and staff in navigating this return; considering CDC, State of Indiana, and local health official guidelines to ensure a safe working and learning environment.

The process of gradually expanding staffing will be carefully controlled and coordinated to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of all faculty, staff and students, as well as the various related communities we serve. Once decisions to expand on-site staffing in a specific area have been made, employees in that area should follow the policies and protocols detailed in this guide for returning to work on campus.

Our knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve, and our policies, procedures, protocols, and plans will be updated appropriately as more information becomes available. 

The timeline includes a four-phased approach, with campus-based employees returning in small waves each week from May 26-June 14. Employees who can work remote or blended schedules should continue to do so. Campus buildings will remain locked and continue to require badge access. Blended workers can begin returning starting June 15 and remote workers can begin are allowed to return on June 15. Those workers can also continue with their current schedules with the approval of their area vice president. As of July 6, all campus offices should be staffed to maintain a minimum number of employees to provide services to campus. We are currently developing and will announce Fall quarter plans by July 31.

Faculty are encouraged to work remotely this summer. However, faculty who have a need to work on campus may do so. In order to schedule the required testing (see “Health and Safety Measures” below), the returning faculty member must contact the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs with the date that they anticipate returning to campus. Faculty who return to campus will be required to adhere to all health and safety measures described in this document.

We will be taking a number of steps to protect all members of the campus community; those are outlined in further detail below. More information will be shared with employees regarding a prescreening questionnaire, specific timelines for return, detailed instructions for testing (dates, times, instructions), daily screening information and requirements, and PPE/face mask guidance and training. 


Testing Requirements

As staffing on-site increases and operations expand, campus leaders in consultation with county health officials will closely monitor and assess the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, as well as existing policies and procedures to help mitigate risk to the campus community. Testing will be a critical part of assessing the impact of increased staffing. If localized outbreaks emerge, tighter restrictions and reduced staffing may be required. Testing will be required for all Rose-Hulman employees before returning to work. An employee must have a negative result before returning to work. Employees who test negative will be contacted via their Rose-Hulman email. Health Services will call employees with positive results and provide next-step information. Employees will be required to perform daily temperature checks and symptom screening before coming to campus. 


Universal Masking

We will be following Universal Masking Standards: staff, faculty, students, and visitors should wear a face mask at all times while inside any Rose-Hulman facility where others are present, including common areas, corridors, classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and also while outside. You are not expected to wear masks while working alone in your office. 

Universal masking requirements will not apply to members of the Institute who live in Institute-owned or operated residential facilities when they are in their private residential hall rooms or residences. 

If dining on campus, you must wear your mask or face covering until you are ready to eat and then replace it afterward.


Social Distancing Guidelines

We will be practicing social distancing guidelines of maintaining a six-foot space between yourself and others while traversing campus or when participating in in-person conversations; avoiding loitering or congregating in public areas, hallways, work areas, etc.

We will post appropriate signage for each space, noting its status and the maximum number of people allowed to use the space and maintain adherence. 

Workspace population calculations will be based upon current best available guidance for conference rooms, classrooms, common areas, dining spaces, and multi-purpose spaces. Lab use calculations will be determined on a space by space basis.

Meetings, other than those for the purpose of standard classroom instruction, should be conducted by virtual means such as Microsoft Teams whenever possible. If these meetings must be conducted in person, the participants should number 10 or fewer and must maintain masking and social distancing standards.


Cleaning Guidelines

Increased cleaning and wiping of all high-touch areas across campus is being implemented. This focus includes all door handles and push bars, handrails, drinking fountains, tables, and other hard surfaces across campus.

Hands-free sanitizer stations will be distributed throughout all common areas, classrooms, and meeting spaces. 

Disinfectant wipes will be provided in all classrooms, conference rooms, breakrooms, labs, and multi-purpose rooms for use by the room occupants to disinfect their space.


Contact Tracing

Current plans are for contact tracing, which will occur in conjunction with the Vigo County Health Department.

Staff and faculty will be asked to identify any persons they came into contact with for 3 days prior to the positive test or signs of symptoms. They will also be asked to provide any locations they visited on campus.

We are working with the Vigo County Health Department on guidelines and support and will inform campus as more information becomes available. 


Isolation Measures

Any staff or faculty who tests positive or shows signs or symptoms must contact the Department of Health Hotline or their own Health Care provider and follow their recommendations for self-isolation. 

Staff or faculty who previously tested positive or showed signs or symptoms must test negative before returning to campus.  Health Services will contact the employee to coordinate follow-up testing.

Student isolation measures are being developed and will include additional housing secured to provide the ability to increase single living accommodations as well as proactive isolation or quarantine spaces for our students.


Sports and Recreation Center (SRC)

The SRC will reopen on Monday, July 6, for staff and faculty who are working on campus and have not self-selected to work remotely, and to students that are currently living on-campus in the residence halls.

SRC use will be governed by the social distancing requirements of this document and the State of Indiana guidelines for gyms, fitness centers, and similar facilities.

  • Open by appointment only; 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Ensure 6 feet between guests.
  • Up to 20 patrons will be allowed in the SRC at any one time
  • The SRC will be sending out a separate notice with detailed instructions and information a week prior to opening. 



Work-related travel will continue to be suspended through August 2020. 

Travel guidance for the fall quarter is currently being developed and will be released by July 31.

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