MARCH 23, 2020 1:21 P.M.


This is important information about new steps Rose-Hulman is taking to meet the challenge of COVID-19 for Rose-Hulman faculty and staff. In the current climate, the health and well-being of our entire community — including each of you — is at the forefront of our thinking.
To ensure the safety of our full community, Rose is moving quickly to promote and enable social distancing. So far, we have drawn down the number of people on campus by moving to remote learning, approving some work-from-home requests, curtailing large events, and reducing the student population in communal living spaces.
These decisions were designed to make Rose safer for everyone — and today in response 
to Governor Eric Holcomb’s directive for Indiana residents to refrain from essential travel until at least April 7, we announce several important new steps. The goal is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our community while allowing core Institute operations to continue as best we can.
Beginning tomorrow, March 24, and until we communicate otherwise, all Rose-Hulman employees who can work from home should make arrangements with their supervisors to do so.

This could be a modified schedule, understanding that you may need to come into work for certain aspects of your position. All of these arrangements should be discussed and approved by your supervisor. Of course, any employee who is sick should stay home. As announced by the Governor, all of these policies are designed to slow the spread of the virus. 
For these employees whose work cannot be done remotely, we encourage implementation o
social distancing and other best practices, and development of individualized workplans that minimize close contact by limiting time on campus to what is necessary; conducting meetings virtually; or implementing other creative strategies to reduce the density of employees on campus. We should all be especially attentive to employees who may be at a higher risk for COVID-19. 
Rose’s previously communicated policies on 
travel and visitors remain in effect. Many of you may have heard about federal changes to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Those who have been told by their medical provider to shelter in place, are caring for a quarantined individual, or have been impacted by school or daycare closures that require them to provide care to their child(ren) during their normal working hours, should reach out to Human Resources to learn more about your options.

Given the facts we have available to us right now, including the reality we continue to have students on campus, Rose must remain open, albeit at a much reduced level of operation. We still have students to support, building and grounds to maintain and protect, mail to process and deliver, etc.  These functions do not stop. 
If you have specific questions on any of the above, please send an email to Further details and resources will be posted in the coming days to My Rose-Hulman’s Covid-19 Response website. Finally, Rose-Hulman’s employee assistance program is available, both in-person and virtually, to support any employees facing anxiety related to Covid-19.
The Rose-Hulman leadership team knows many of you are directly involved in addressing this great challenge for our community, whether you are helping students cope with the logistics of leaving campus, dealing with health questions from individuals, or striving to put a class online for the first time.

We are enormously grateful for the dedication, high standards, and caring of each of you. You are essential to Rose’s mission — and never more so than in this intense and difficult time. We are committed to doing everything we can to help keep you safe.

Thank you for all the ways in which you look after your Rose-Hulman community — and each other.

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