APRIL 29, 2020

A Message to Faculty and Staff 


All Faculty and Staff:

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your continued efforts in this unbelievable spring quarter at Rose-Hulman. In spite of a variety of obstacles, classes are continuing, students are connecting with employers, new students are committing for next year, and graduation planning is underway.  Virtually without missing a beat, Rose-Hulman has continued to thrive in an almost totally new environment. This shift (practically overnight) has been made possible by the significant talent, tenacity, and resourcefulness of each of you, and I want you to know how much I and the leadership of the school appreciate your efforts. 

While it appears no one can predict exactly how quickly the country will bounce back from the Coronavirus, please know that I and the entire leadership team are working hard to do everything possible to make this fall a reality for us. While no one is more anxious than I to have students back on campus, what exact form this fall will take is currently being informed by our health care community, the state and the nation, as well as our own efforts. 

The Cabinet and I as a team are working diligently on multiple scenarios for the future and plan to have more to share in the next few weeks.  However, in the true spirit of individual attention and support, we must and will find a way to do this where everyone is comfortable and their individual needs are met. I really appreciate your diligence and your patience in working through this unprecedented time in our history, and I’m confident we’ll figure it out…together.

Stay well! 


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