Ground rules for the exam:

The exam has a short "Closed Computer" section, followed by an "Open Computer" section.  The only difference is that you may not use your computer on the closed computer section. So:

For the Closed Computer portion of the exam, you may only use the materials in the Open Computer section below, except that you may not use your computer.

For the Open Computer portion of the exam, you may use only:


Anything not specifically allowed is prohibited.  In particular, you may not use code written by someone outside your lab group unless it came from the course website.


For all problems:

If your code for one of the problems works properly, you should get it checked off.  There are points associated with the check off itself.

The only code in the programs should be the code which is necessary to accomplish the task—points will be deducted if there is extra stuff that we need to sort through.  At the end of the test upload the required codes to Moodle.

Here is a reference code file you are welcome to have handy.