ME 323 Numerical Methods in Engineering
Spring Quarter 2013-2014

Class Date Day Topics Assignment
Lecture 1 10 Mar M Review: Review of Matlab basics, relational operations, input/output  
Lab 1 12 Mar W Applications of IF statement, FOR loop, simple fprintf, and user input Exercise 1
Lecture 2 17 Mar M Matrix/Vector Math: Matrix multiplication, vectorization, fscanf  
Lab 2 19 Mar W Applications of matrix, vector, relational operators, input/output Exercise 2
Lecture 3 24 Mar M Functions & Structured Programming: Functions, flow charts, debugger  
Lab 3 26 Mar W Applications of functions: Financial Engineering Exercise 3
Lecture 4 31 Mar M 1D Root-Finding: Root solver for single non-linear equation: bisection, 1-D Newton-Raphson  
Lab 4 2 Apr  W Implementation and application of bisection, 1-D Newton-Raphson
Lecture 5 7 Apr M 1D Root-Finding: Application of root solver in engineering Homework 5
Lab 5 9 Apr W Mid-Term Exam  
Lecture 6 14 Apr M MD Root-Finding: Root solver for a system of non-linear equations: multi-dimensional Newton-Raphson  
Lab 6 16 Apr W Implementation and application of multi-dimensional Newton-Raphson  
Spring Break
Lecture 7 28 Apr M Numerical Differentiation: first and second derivatives  
Lab 7 30 Apr W Application of numerical differentiation in engineering Homework 7
Lecture 8 5 May M Time Advancement (initial value problems): explicit Euler, predictor-corrector  
Lab 8 7 May W Implementation and application of 4th order Runge-Kutta  
Lecture 9 12 May M Time advancement (boundary value problems): Shooting method  
Lab 9 14 May W Applications of time advancement in engineering Homework 9
Lecture 10 19 May M Course wrap-up  
Lab 10 21 May W Course work wrap-up  
Final TBA Ground Rules for Comprehensive Final Exam  

Prof. Calvin Lui
Last modified: March 6, 2014