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The Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative (IRC) is funded largely by a grant from Edwards Lifesciences. We have recently been notified that we have funding for the summer of 2013!  The primary purpose of the IRC is to enhance the education of Rose-Hulman undergraduate students by supporting research experiences and ancillary activities.

The primary goal of the IRC Summer Research Program (SRP) is to provide Rose-Hulman undergraduate students an opportunity to build interdisciplinary research, teamwork and communication skills.  Another objective is to increase student’s motivation to pursue graduate studies.  The next SRP will be conducted during a 10-week period during the summer of 2013, beginning on June 10. The core of the experience is participation in a vigorous laboratory research program. The 2013 SRP will be supervised by Drs. Peter Coppinger (Biology) and Mark Brandt (Chemistry & Biochemistry), with research opportunities available in several different laboratories at Rose-Hulman. To find a research opportunity, talk to faculty members on campus, and ask to join their research efforts.


Throughout the ten-week period, students will also participate in weekly meetings and ancillary activities sponsored by the IRC. These activities will include collaborating with other SRE students to investigate cutting-edge research, preparing brief presentations for IRC meetings, and submitting a short paper detailing their research progress.  Students are also expected to present the results of their research efforts at the Annual IRC Undergraduate Research Symposium in the fall of the 2013-14 academic year.

All Rose-Hulman undergraduate students who are interested in performing research at Rose-Hulman and who are not expecting to graduate in May 2013 are encouraged to apply. Selection of participants will be based on the completed application cover sheet and attachments. Preference will be given to students who will have completed at least one quarter of research with their intended research mentor by the beginning of the summer. All applicants should have discussed possible research projects with faculty members who are willing to serve as research mentors.

Application materials must be submitted via campus mail (CM148) or in person to Lisa Knott in the ABBE office (Room D229) no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, February 15, 2013.

Funding includes a stipend and on-campus housing for the 10-week period.  Students may elect to purchase a meal-plan from ARA food services or shop off-campus.

Further Information and Contacts
Contact Dr. Coppinger (x8591) or Dr. Brandt (x8406) for further information.

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