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Dynamics, 8th ed., Beer and Johnston

ES201 (Pre)
MA211 (Pre)

Course Grading:
15% : HW/Quizzes
10% : Laboratory
45% : Exams (3 @ 15%)
30% : Final Exam

Vector Mechanics for Engineers In this course, conservation principles are applied to mechanical systems, building on the foundation developed in ES201 Conservation and Accounting Principles. Basic topics include the motion of particles and rigid bodies and the forces and moments that cause or accompany the dynamic behavior of these systems.

A certain level of expertise in both mathematics and conservation and accounting principles is required. Students must have taken the prerequisite courses and be able to work problems involving vector mechanics, integral and differential calculus, and the conservation of linear momentum, angular momentum, and energy applied to particles and rigid bodies.

And as Dr. Chambers once said, "There is no blue pill."

Prof. Jones
Last modified: 9 March 2014