Ground Rules for Final Exam

You may bring the following to the Final Exam

A calculator

Your laptop computer. Specifically,
---Maple (No pre-prepared code)
---Spreadsheet (No pre-prepared sheets)
---CD/mp3 player
---Laptop lid must be kept down when not in use
---No network connections can be active!

FOUR pages (one side only, 8-1/2 x 11) of handwritten notes like you used on the three midterm exams. (Check with your instructor for additional restrictions.) No photo copies, printouts, or worked examples are allowed. These sheets will be turned in with your exam

We will provide you with

The final exam

Copies of all the material in Appendix C of the textbook:
        Basic Conservation & Accounting Equations
        Unit Conversions
        Property Models
        Thermophysical Property Data