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The American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) is an annual national mathematics competition. High school students form teams of 15 to represent their city, state, county or school and compete against the best in the from the United States and Canada. The event consists of Team, Power, Individual and Relay rounds (For more information click here) and usually takes place the first Saturday after Memorial Day. Currently, ARML is held simultaneously at three sites: Penn State, The University of Iowa and San Jose State University .

The Thirtieth Annual Meet

The thirtieth annual meet will be held Saturday, June 4,2005

The Twenty-Seventh Annual Meet

The twenty-seventh annual meet was held Saturday, June 1, 2002 at Penn State and Iowa, and May 31-June 1, 2002 at San Jose State. Thomas Jefferson won, scoring 190 out of a possible 240 points. Teams which finished in the top 15 of Division A or the top 4 of Division B must compete in division A in 2002.

The Twenty-sixth Annual Meet

The twenty-sixth annual meet was held Saturday, June 2, 2001 at Penn State and Iowa, and June 1-2, 2001 at San Jose State. One hundred and eight teams took part in this years meet, including guest teams from Taiwan and the Philippines.
San Francisco Bay A recaptured first place, scoring 191 out of a possible 240 points. Massachusetts A finished second with 185 points.

San Francisco A, Massachusetts A, and Thomas Jefferson A began the meet by achieving perfect scores on the team round. San Francisco A took the lead for good by being only one of two teams to score 39 out of 40 on the Power Question. San Francisco A continued their strong showing during the individual round, faltering slightly on question 3, but turning in a strong showing on question 8, answered by only 19 students nationwide. Five of San Francisco A's students correctly answered this challenging question. The Michigan Reals led the relay round with 32 points.   Massachusetts A scored 30 points in the relay round, but it wasn't enough to catch San Francisco A.  In Division B, Ontario B1 was the winner scoring 134 total points. Chicago C earned second place with 120 total points.

In the guest, division, Taiwan F led all teams with 163 points. Taiwan B led all guest teams during the individual round, but Taiwan F's strong performance on the team events lifted them ahead of Taiwan B.

Six individuals achieved a perfect 8 during the individual round. The tie-breaker was won by Gabriel Carroll of San Francisco Bay A.

The Twenty-fifth Annual Meet

One hundred and four teams participated in the twenty-fifth annual meet that took place Saturday, June 3, 2000 at Penn State and Iowa and on Friday-Saturday June 2-3, 2000 at UNLV.
For the first time ever, there was a tie for first place, as Chicago A and San Francisco Bay A each scored 172 points, just one point ahead of New York City. In Division B, there was also a tie for first, the first since 1983. Connecticut A and Peninsula South Bay both scored 127 points, just two ahead of Iowa A and Northern California, who tied for third, and three points ahead of AAS NJ A.

New York City A, Massachusetts A and Upstate New York A jumped out to an early lead with perfect scores on the team round. San Francisco Bay A turned it into a four team race by being the only team to achieve a perfect 40 on the power question and solidified their position by being the only team to have every team member answer all first three individual round questions correctly. By the end of the individual round, San Francisco Bay A had built a three point lead over New York City A and Massachusetts A. Chicago A scored 30 out of 40 on the relay round to vault from fourth to a tie for first.

This year, we were honored once more with a visit by three teams from Taiwan. As the record shows (see, these teams did fine work. The highest scoring Taiwan team scored on the level of the ten best American teams in the A division. The other two teams scored on the level of the top 12 in our B division.

The Taiwanese visitors have established a parallel league to ARML, the Taiwan Regions Mathematics League. In their first year, TRML involved 80 teams, and next year they will host 280 teams.

Three individuals attained perfect scores during the individual round. In order of their finish on the tiebreaker, they were

  • Tiankai Liu - San Francisco Bay A
  • Gabriel Carroll - San Francisco Bay A
  • Sasha Schwartz - All Penn

  • Fourteen students scored 7 out of 8 during the individual round. There were: Josh Burton, San Francisco Bay A; Lawrence Detlor, New York City A; Mark Lipson, Massachussetts A; Howard Liu, Chicago A; Mike Lugo, All Pennsylvania; David Mermin, North Carolina A; Jason Moruo, Washington A; Andy Neidemeier, Minnesota Gold; Gregory Price, Thomas Jefferson A; Nicholas Rupprecht, Chicago A; David Shin, Academy Allstarts of NJ A; Matt Thibault, Minnesota Gold; Kohki Yamaguchi, Chicago A; Yan Zhang, Thomas Jefferson A.


    The winner of the Alfred Kalfus Founder's award was Richard Rukin, who was instrumental in getting a second ARML site started at the University of Iowa. The winner of the Samuel Greitzer Distinguished Coach award was Debbie Clyde of Idaho. Andy Yang of Howard County won the Zachary Sobol award for outstanding conributions to his ARML team. The Harry and Ruth Ruderman award for first place in the ARML power contest was Stuyvesent High School, New York City.

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    ARML Power Contest

    The ARML Power Contest, open to classes of high school students, consists of several "long answer" problems to which the class submits a single solution written during a forty-five minute period. The Harry Ruderman award for top score on the 2000 ARML Power contest went to Stuyvesant HS in New York City. Gunn Math Circle (California) and Wayzata High School (Minnesota) tied for second. For more information about this contest see the following sites:

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