Rose-Hulman Making Antennas Groovy In the Classroom (MAGIC) Antenna Kit


Andrew Anderson, Thomas Campie, Benjamin Cook, Michael Fiedeldey, Josh Licata, Blake Marshall, Ryan White, Deborah J Walter Member, IEEE, David R Voltmer Life Senior Member, IEEE.

The Making Antennas Groovy In the Classroom (MAGIC) system is highly adaptable to suit a variety of demonstrations that focus on antenna fundamentals, such as, radiation patterns, directivity and gain, as well as the design procedure of various resonant antennas. Four printed circuit board antennas have been designed, built and tested. The antenna types include a quarter-wavelength monopole and ground plane, a half-wavelength dipole, a folded dipole, and a Yagi-Uda array. The system and associated experiments are suited to demonstrate antenna principles to high school students as well as college level students. Additionally, the system is robust, portable, and reproducible for under $1,500.

Picture of the MAGIC demonstration system. The Yagi antenna is mounted in the antenna stand is shown connected to one of the GMRS radios through a coaxial cable. Two field meters and a second GRMS radio are used as receivers. Also included in the kit are interchangeable antennas including a half-wave dipole, folded dipole and quarter-wavelength monopole over a ground plane.

Additional Files to download

MAGICKIT\IEEE Antenna Design Challenge v11.pdf



Gerber files for reproducing the antenna designs