The Atsina Charity Medical Clinic is a non-profit medical clinic in Accra, Ghana.  The mission of the Atsina Charity Medical Clinic to provide medical care to the poor and destitute of Ghana.

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Dr. Atsina operates the mission based on a few important Guiding Principles --

         The clinic is a Christian mission.
         At the clinic George treats poor people the same way he would treat rich people.
         He treats everyone with respect.
         He listens well.
         George asks patients to pay based on their ability to pay.

The Atsina Charity Medical Clinic Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation (IRS 501(c)(3) 509(a)(1)  employer identification number 35-2072567)  which exists for the purpose of collecting  donations and providing financial support for the Atsina Charity Medical clinic; Accra, Ghana.  The directors of the Atsina Charity Medical Clinic Inc. are Dr. Lee Waite, Dr. Jerry Fine and Dr. Christine Buckley.  You can contact us by
e-mail at   The mailing address for the corporation is :

                                                Atsina Charity Medical Clinic Inc.
                                                        CM148, 5500 Wabash Ave.
                                                    Terre Haute, IN  47803
                                                     Phone:  812-877-8404

If you would like to send a card or letter to the Atsina Charity Medical Clinic, the address and phone number are:

                                                     Dr. Komli-Kofi Atsina
                                                  Atsina Charity Medical Clinic
                                                       P.O. Box KB 387
                                                   Korle-Bu, Accra, GHANA
                                                  Phone:  011 - 233 - 21 - 852628

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