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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DUE-0310445 (NSF CCLI Adaptation and Implementation)

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Dr. Robert Throne (ECE), Dr. Bradley Burchett (ME),  Dr. Fred Berry (ECE),  Dr. David Purdy (ME)

In this project, we utilize simple spring-mass-damper systems in both system dynamics and modelling classes and in control system classes to illustrate the difference between a model of a system and a real system. This website contains the labs we have developed thus far, and any Matlab/Simulink code necessary to use the labs. In addition, electronic copies of our assessments are included.



    Year 1 Labs. All of these Labs utilized the ECP Executive software.

    Year 2 Labs. ECE-320 and ECE-521 utilized Simulink instead of the ECP Executive software.

    Year 3 Labs. ECE-320, ECE-520, and ECE-406 used Simulink

     ECE-520 (Control Systems I: Discrete-Time Control Systems)