Mini-Project 3

Assigned: February 4, 2004 (Wed, 8th week)

Due:  February 20, 2004 (Friday, 10th week)



Fabricate the door stop that you designed for mini-project #2


Items provided:

0.032 inch Aluminum 3003 sheet is available in the machine shop




·     create some empathy and understanding for the individuals that will be asked to fabricate your designs once you graduate as an engineer

·     illustrate simple sheet metal fabrication techniques

·     experience the relationships between design and manufacturing

·     provide an opportunity for you to compare various designs in order to evaluate ease of manufacture



You may work on this individually or in pairs.  Each individual (or pair) will submit one prototype and the part drawing for that prototype.  You must use the drawing that was submitted by you (or your partner) for mini-project #2.  Your grade will be based upon how well your part meets the specifications of your drawing.  If you’re worried that your part may be damaged or deformed by placing it in a large box filled with other door stops, you may want to consider some simple packaging to protect your part.  Please be sure to identify your part by placing a label on it with your name(s).