Mini-Project 3 (Final Mini-Project)

Assigned:April 28, 2003

Due:Anytime before May 23, 2003



     Design and mold an interesting chocolate bar



     practice producing CAD drawings

     gain NC machining experience

     reinforce molding concepts: mold visualization, mold release, part ejection

     develop design for molding skills: draft, undercuts, minimum wall thickness

     practice working with skilled technicians

     exercise your creativity






Outline of Procedure:

     Sketch your chocolate bar design

     See Gary Burgess (technician in Myers Bldg)

o   review the design for problems

o   discuss acceptable CAD file formats

o   schedule a meeting to create NC code

     Capture the design in an acceptable CAD system

     Meet with Mr. Burgess to create the NC code for the milling machine

     Create the mold using the milling machine in the Myers Bldg.

     Perform secondary operations:

o   add draft where necessary (filing or sanding)

o   add ejection system

o   sand / polish the mold to remove tooling marks

     Mold the chocolate bar




     a molded chocolate bar

     the mold used to create the chocolate bar


Grading Criteria:

     creative / interesting design (20%)

     quality of the molding (60%)

o   removed from the mold in a single unbroken piece

o   complete mold fill

o   smooth finish

     ability to work with the technician (20%)

o   respectful of the technicianís time

o   respectful of the technicianís ability and advice

o   positive attitude when something doesnít work as you expected

o   maintaining ownership of the project