Mini-Project 2

Assigned: March 25, 2003 (Tues, 3rd week)

Due: April 17, 2003 (Thurs before Spring Break)



     Redesign the wooden base of a mouse trap so that it is suitable for a high volume sheet metal production process


Items provided:

     a sample mouse trap (one per class, kept in the machine shop)



Assume that the relative cost of wood and sheet metal has shifted so that sheet metal is now an attractive material for the base of a typical mouse trap. Accordingly, you have been asked to redesign the base of a mouse trap to accommodate this change in material.



     illustrate the impact material and process selection can have on the design of a part

     practice producing engineering drawings

     illustrate sheet metal design guidelines

     illustrate general design for manufacturing principles



     a part drawing of the mouse trap base that is suitable for submission to vendors for quotes