Mini-Project 1

Assigned:  November 29, 2005 (Tues, 1st week)

Due:  December 15, 2003 (Thurs, 3rd week)



·     Complete the first piece part inspection form for part 3170001P003

·     Make suggestions to improve the drawing


Items provided:

·     a drawing for the part (one per student)

·     a first piece part inspection form (one per student)

·     the first piece of production of 3170001P003 (located in the machine shop)

·     the tools and instruments required to perform the inspection (located in the machine shop)



When a new part design is being introduced into production, it’s common to inspect a batch of the initial (first piece) parts to ensure that they meet the requirements of the drawing.  Once the inspection is made, the engineer is often called upon to review any discrepancies from the drawing.  If there are discrepancies, the possible responses include (but are not limited to):

·     rejection of the parts, 

·     acceptance of the parts with changes made to the drawing so that the drawing matches the parts as manufactured, 

·     provisional acceptance of the parts,

·     reworking the parts.


The difficulty of inspecting the first piece parts can be influenced by how the part is designed and the placement of dimensions.  Often the placement of the dimensions on a CAD generated drawing is determined by the order and manner in which the features were created during the creation of the drawing.  These dimension placements are not always the best for the users of the drawing.  Accordingly, the engineer/draftsperson should review the dimensions suggested by a CAD system and revise them if necessary for the benefit of the user.  Some useful guidelines for placement of dimensions are found on page 1.20 of your textbook listed under “General Design Rules.”



·     introduce basic machine shop measurement techniques

·     illustrate the impact of dimension placement

·     introduction to creating “marked up drawings” as a form of communication in the engineering community



·     the completed first piece part inspection form (complete the following fields):

o   Drawing No.

o   Part No.

o   Part Name

o   Date Inspected

o   Inspection Table:

§     Item Number

§     Drawing Specification

§     Data

§     Test Measurement Equipment

·     a copy of the drawing marked-up to show improved dimension placements (note: you are not required to change the tolerancing to make it consistent with initial drawing, just show the alternative placements)