ME304 Design Project
Soft Drink Can Dispensing
Rev. 0
Assigned: December 11, 2000
Due: February 1, 2001

Your team is to design, build, and demonstrate a device to dispense soft drink cans.
The device will be mounted to a demonstration stand that has a magazine that holds up to 20 cans.  The device will be actuated by a provided solenoid.  The objective of the device is to dispense all the cans from a full magazine without fault.  Faults include:

The instructors may identify other unanticipated faults at the time of the demonstration.

The solenoid provided to each team is powered by standard 120V AC.  The solenoid , and in turn the device, is activated by a switch located on the demonstration stand.  The solenoid is provided with a standard connection that can be connected to the switch located at the demonstration stand.  The solenoid provides a linear travel of approximately 0.625 inches and produces a force of approximately 5 pounds.  Both of these values are the catalog values and should be treated accordingly.



Demonstration Procedure:



The team should bring a device to class on 2/1/2001 ready to demonstrate.  After the demonstration, please return the solenoid for future projects.  Additionally, feel free to leave other components of your device in the machine shop so that we can recycle the parts for future students to use.

Written Report:
The report is intended to be a vehicle of communication between you and a person with some engineering background that doesn't have any prior knowledge of this assignment.  Accordingly, your report should at a minimum include:

The report is due at the start of class on February 1st.


Report (40 points):
Grading is based upon how well the report meets the described requirements.

Demonstration performance (40 points):
Each successful (fault-free) attempt to dispense a can is worth 2 points.  Twenty attempts are being made for a total possibility of 40 points.

Safety (20 points):
The professors will judge the overall safety of the device.  More details for the criterion of the judging will be provided.

Revisions and Clarifications:

If you have questions about the design project, please submit them in writing to Dr. Stamper or Dr. North.  The question will be posted here along with the response.  Additionally, any revisions to the project will be listed at this location.

1st Clarification:

Can we use pre-wound springs?


2nd Clarification:
Can we build a stand to support our mechanism rather than attaching it to the magazine assembly.


3rd Clarification:
How will you test for safety?

We have not obtained a UL finger probe test device.  So, the instructors will judge the quality of the guarding used to keep fingers out of the dangerous locations of the mechanism.  Wire mesh is available in the machine shop for your guards.

4th Clarification:
Must the magazine extend past the edge of the table?


5th Clarification:
Can we turn the magazine on its side?