Design the Halo System:
The halo system is to fit the mannequin shown in the following images:







Design the halo system in parametric form.  Choose the design variables that best
define the fit of the halo.  I would expect that at least 5 variables are necessary.
These variables may be defined in a linked Excel spreadsheet or a "design variables"
table within Mechanical Desktop.

The halo system should immobilize the head of the mannequin relative to the shoulders.
Additionally, the halo system should minimize the interference with the patient's vision
and normal daily activities.

You do not have to design features that are necessary to assemble (or put on) the
halo.  Feel free to build the halo in two halves and then glue them together so as
to fit the mannequin.  Also, do not include the fine details of the halo system
(e.g. the screws that actually mount from the halo to the skull). It's enough to design
the overall geometry of the halo system (i.e. the head capture system, the support(s)
for the head capture system, and the base that fits on the shoulders).