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Introduction to Probability with Statistical Applications

Textbook: Fundamentals of Probability with Stochastic Processes, by Saeed Ghahramani.
John Rickert, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: G-215A, Crapo Hall
Phone: (812) 877-8473
CM: 141
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Homework for our next class ...the top
For Tuesday, March 8: pp 9-11: #2,5,7,14,15,20. Turn in these exercises on Thursday, March 10.
For Thursday, March 10: Turn in the exercises from pages 9-11 discussed Tuesday.
pp 23-4: 2,4,11,14.
For Friday, March 11: Work problems from page 25: #20,21,25. Turn in these exercises on Monday, March 14.
For Monday, March 14: Turn in the exercises from page 25 discussed Friday.
Work exercises pp 34-5: #1,8,13; pp 44-5: #1,3,15,23.
For Tuesday, March 15: Work exercises pp45-6: #15,25; pp51-2: #2,3,13. Turn in Thursday, March 16: Turn in the five exercises assigned for Tuesday.
pp64-67 #11,25,29,33.
Friday, March 18: quiz #1. You will be allowed to use your computer/calculator on the quiz.
Page 82 #3.
For Monday, March 21: pp 82-3 #4,10.
For Tuesday, March 22 Page 84 #21; page 87-8 #3,8,11.
For Thursday, March 24: pp 96-8 #2,4,14; pp 105-106 #1,6.
For Friday, March 25: p98 #19; p106 #7,11.
Monday, March 28: Exam #1 average was 106/130. Equivalent grades are A: 117-130 B: 104-115 C:91-103 D:78-90 F: <78 . You may use a calculator or Maple or MATLAB to do your computations.
For Tuesday, March 29: pp 119-123 #4,9,19,29,35.
For Thursday, March 31: Page 150 #4,5,6. Turn in these exercises on Friday.
For Friday, April 1: Turn in exercises #4,5,6 from page 150.
Page 152 #16,17; Page 157-9 #1,5,7,9,14.
For Monday, April 4: Pages 173-5 #6,9,12,15,17.Turn in these exercises on Tuesday.
For Tuesday, April 5: Turn in the exercises from pages 173-5.
The average score on the quiz covering cdf, pmf, and expected values. was 19.0/25. The standard deviation was 6.1. Equivalent grades are A 23-25 B 20-22 C 17-19 D 15-16 F <15.
Pages 182-3 #1,2,3,5,8,13.
For Friday, April 8: Pafes 196-200 #2,4,9,15,27,33.

Monday, April 11: Convo schedule. Class meets 12:35-1:15 PM.
Pages211-3 #1,7,11,25.
For Tuesday, April 12: Pages 224-7 #1,4,7,12,17,27.
Thursday, April 14: Quiz about discrete probability mass functions. The average score on the quiz was 28.0 out of 40. The standard deviation was 8.6. Equivalent grades are A: 35-40, B 30-34, C 25=29, D 20-24, F <20.
Pages 238-240 #3,5,8,9,10. Turn in these exercises on Friday.
Friday, April 15: Turn in the exercises from paged 238-240.
Pages 245-6 #3,4,8.

For Monday, April 25: pages 258-260 #2,3,4,6,12.
For Thursday, April 28: Turn in your group's work for the worksheet.
pages 254-6 #2,3,4,6,12; pages 266-7 #2,4.
Friday, April 29: Exam #2. The average score on the exam was 69.6. The standard deviation was 16.2. Equivalent scores are A 80-99 B 65-79 C50-64 D 35-59.

For Monday, May 2: Pages 266-7 #10,11,17; Pages 281-2 #1,5,11. Turn in these exercises on Tuesday.
For Tuesday, May 3: Turn in the exercises discussed Monday (Pages 266-7 #10,11,17; Pages 281-2 #1,5,11).
Do exercises: Pages 281-4 #9,16,21,28,33.
For Thursday, May 5: Do exercises Pages 290-1 #1,3,9,11. Turn in these exercises on Friday.
For Friday, May 6: Turn in the exercises from pages 290-1.
Review continuous distributions.
For Monday, May 9: Pages 326-9 #3,6,7,8,11,15,21,22.
For Tuesday, May 10: Pages 339-341 #2,4,9,18.
For Thursady, May 11: Pages 35305 #1,9,11.
Friday May 12 Exam #3. The average score was 105.5/150, the standard deviation was 25.4. Equivalent grades are A 122-143 B 102-121 C 82-101 D 62-81 F <62.
For Monday, May 16: pages 465-6 #2,8,11.
For Tuesday, May 17: Page 466 #17; page 474 #10.

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Random notes


Course Policy

Whenever you are asked for a probability, the probability must be at least 0, and at most 1. If your answer does not lie in [0,1], you will receive no credit for the problem.

Answers should be explained. The correct answer will be worth 1 point. The rest of the credit comes from correctly explaining how the answer is found. The words "used Maple" are not an explanation and will result in a loss of 1 point. When you use Maple, you must explain what you've done mathematically.
The final exam will be given during finals week. If you are making arrangements for travel home, you should make sure that they will not conflict with the final exam schedule. If your parents will be purchasing airline tickets for you, you should contact them and remind them not to schedule you on a flight that might cause you fail a class.
The weights for the grade are given below.
A stapler is probably a good investment for most of you. Multi-page homeworks should be stapled together, not mutilated.
Place your name and Campus Mailbox number in the upper right-hand corner of your homework. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the day that it is due. You should turn in your homework in a pile on the desk at the front of the classroom. Homework may be turned in later but will be penalized based on just how late it is - typically
    1 point off for turned in late during the class,
    5% off for being turned in late the same day,
    10% off per day. (weekends count for two days) i.e. 10 days later, it's too late to get a makeup homework turned in.
When writing up homework, you should circle (or otherwise clearly indicate) your answers.
It's good to work together, but you should write/type your own homework. Simply copying another person's work or Maple file is not acceptable.
The grader and I reserve the right to return as unacceptable any homework that is inadequately prepared. (full of scratch work, problems out of order, submitted on crumpled or fringed paper)
If you have any questions while I'm not around, you may e-mail me at john.rickert@rose-hulman.edu and I will reply as soon as I can.

You should come to class prepared. This means that I expect you to have done the homework, brought your book to class and be prepared with questions about material that you don't understand.

There will be 3 in-class exams each worth 15%.
The final exam will be worth 30%.
Quizzes and Homework will be worth 25%.
There may be two types of quizzes -- announced and unannounced.

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