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Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra

MTRF 6 G219
John Rickert, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: G-215A, Crapo Hall
Phone: (812) 877-8473

e-mail: rickert@rose-hulman.edu

Office hours week: MTRF 7, or make an appointment, or drop in. Here's my schedule

The final exam takes place Wednesday, November 19 8:00AM-noon in G317.

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Homework for our next class ...Today's questions
For Friday, September 5: Section 1.2 #1,7,11,14,15,17,26,31,39. Turn in these exercises on Monday.

For Monday, September 8: Turn in the Section 1.2 exercises.
Section 1.3 #1,6,9,14,16,17,23,27,32.
Extra Credit: Generalize Exercise 1.2.31(iii)(a) to D-digit integers base B, where B is even.
For Tuesday, Setpember 9: Section 1.4 #1,7,10,16,22,25,27
For Thursday, September 11: We will have a Quiz covering material through Section 1.4.
Turn in the Section 1.4 homework.
Section 1.5 #1,4,7,9,11.
For Friday, September 12: Section 2.1 #3,5,6,8,17.

For Monday, September 15: Section 2.2 #1,6,9,14,15. Turn in these exercises on Tuesday.
For Tuesday, September 16: Turn in the Section 2.2 exercises.
Section 2.3 #5,7,11,12.
For Thursday, September 18: We will have a Quiz covering through Section 2.3.
Section 2.4 #1,4,9,21.
For Friday, September 19: Section 2.5 #5,9,14,15,19,21. Turn in these exercises on Monday.

For Monday, September 22: Turn in The homework exercises from Friday, Section 2.5 #5,9,14,15,19,21.
We will have a Quiz covering through Section 2.3 asking you to justify a conclusion.
Work exercises Section 2.5 #17,20,23; Section 3.1 #1,5,9.
For Tuesday, September 23: Section 3.1 #8,10,23,27; Section 3.2 #1,6.
Friday, September 26: Exam 1 average was 729/1000. Equivalent grades are A 850-925 B 725-849 C 600-724 D 475-599 F <475 .
For Monday, September 29: Section 3.2 #4,16; Section 3.3 #1,4,5,6,9.
For Tuesday, September 30: Section 3.4 #1,5,6,9,11,14.
For Thursday, October 2: Section 3.5 #1,4,7,9,14.
For Friday, October 3: Pages 189-190 #2,5,16,20,40.
For Monday, October 6: Section 4.1 #1,2,6,12,16.
For Tuesday, October 7: We will have a quiz on probability.
Section 4.2 #1,7,11. Turn in these exercises on Tuesday.

For Monday, October 13: Section 4.2 #12,14,18. Turn in these exercises on Tuesday.
For Tuesay, October 14: Turn in the six Section 4.2 exercises.
Section 4.3 #1,4,9,10,13. Turn in these exercises on Friday
For Thursday, October 16: Section 4.3 #17,21,29. Turn in these exercises on Friday
For Friday, October 17: Turn in the Section 4.3 exercises.
Review the first three sections of Chapter 4. Practice writing induction proofs. For Monday, October 20: Section 4.4 #4,6,12.
For Tuesday, October 21: Section 4.4 #1,8,14,17.
For Thursday, October 23: Section 4.5 #5,8,11,15,18,27.
For Tuesday, October 28: Section 5.1 #1,3,6,8,13.
For Thursday, October 30: Section 5.2 #1,5,8,14,22,27.
For Friday, October 31: Section 5.3 #1,3.
For Monday, November 3: Section 5.3 #10,15,18.
For Thursday, November 6: Section 5.5 #2,9,11,14,16,20.

Friday, November 7: Section 5.6 #1,3,9,22.
For Monday, November 10: Turn in the take-home exam.
Section 5.6 #5,12,14.
For Tuesday, November 11: Chapter 5 supplementary exercsies pages 305-306: #2, 10, 11,12,22c.
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Questions from class

today's questions ...the top
In the "Questions" section, I'll color the active questions green so that they are easier (in theory) to find as you scan through the page. Please let me know if I've missed anything.
Thursday, September 11: Generalize the Catalan numbers to paths from (0,0) to (a,b).

Homework is due at the beginning of class on the day that it is due. You should turn in your homework in a pile on the desk at the front of the classroom. Homework may be turned in later but will be penalized based on just how late it is - typically
    1 point off for turned in late during the class,
    5% off for being turned in late the same day,
    10% off per day. (weekends count for two days) i.e. 10 days later, it's too late to get a makeup homework turned in.
When writing up homework, you should circle (or otherwise clearly indicate) your answers.
It's good to work together, but you should write/type your own homework. Simply copying another person's work or Maple file will result in a 0 and a letter to the Dean of Students.

You should come to class prepared. This means that I expect you to have done the homework, brought your book to class, and silenced your cell phone.
If you have a cell phone, please make sure that it does not ring audibly during class. Phone calls should, in general, not be answered during class. No texting during class.

The final exam is 36% of the course grade. Homework, quizzes and exams constitute the other 64%.

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