D. E. Richards


 ES202 - Fluid & Thermal Systems
Spring 2010-2011
Instructor: D. E. Richards

Course Contract

Description of course expectations.

Course Schedule

Schedule of course topics, reading and homework assignments.

HW Hints & Answers

Answers and hints for homework problems.

Laboratory Material

Richards Classes -- Dimensional Analysis Spreadsheet

Text Supplements

Additional HW problems and reading material.

Hydrostatic Force Examples: Hydrostatic Force Examples_01.pdf

Mechanical Energy Balance and Pipe Flow Examples:
MEB -- Bubble Up Fountain.pdf;
MEB -- Inclined Pipe with manometer.pdf;
MEB -- Pipe Flow with Pump.pdf;
MEB -- Pumping between tanks.pdf;
MEB -- Shower head with reducer.pdf

Old Exams

Typical exams from previous quarters. Old Exams

Chapter Objectives

Objectives Thermodynamic Devices.pdf
Objectives Thermodynamic Property_01.pdf
Objectives Hydrostatics.pdf
Objectives MEB Pipe-Flow Revised.pdf
Objectives External Flows_01.pdf

Examination Ground Rules

Midterm Exams

Final Exam













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