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 ES201 - Conservation & Accounting Principles
Winter Quarter 2010-2011


Copy of document distributed on first day of class.


Daily reading and homework assignments, and exam dates.

(This schedule is subject to change during the quarter.)


Supplements organized by textbook chapter:

…..Additional HW problems and reading material organized. (HW problems and readings included as supplements in earlier editions of the textbook have been incorporated into the Fall 2007 edition.)

…..Hints and answers for HW problems.

…..Learning objectives indicating what a student should be able to do after they complete the chapter material and the associated classroom activities.

Student Solution Manual

The Student Solution Manual contains complete worked out solutions to selected problems to demonstrate how to solve problems and document the solution for ES201. This is a “view only” PDF file that you may download.

[WARNING----Failing to attempt problems on your own BEFORE consulting a worked out solution or a HW hint and answer could be injurious to your academic health. Experience has shown that once you’ve seen a hint, answer, or complete solution the information seems “obvious.” Unfortunately, real engineering problems (and problems on exams) do not usually have the hints/answers/solutions. So always give it a try before you seek help, this is the only way you will learn not only “what to do” but as importantly “when” and “why.” Failure to understand “when” and “why” is usually the obstacle when you are “clueless.”

Old Exams

Typical exams from previous quarters.

Ground Rules

Midterm Exams

Final Exam

Textbook Errata

Errors identified in the Fall-2007 version of the textbook.


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