In proceedings NAFEMS World Congress, pp. 757-765, Newport, April 1999.
Finite element analysis and systematic bladed-disk design
Richard A. Layton and John J. Marra

A central issue in gas turbine engine design today is the demand for higher peformance, greater reliability, shorter lead times and lower cost. The design of bladed disks (fans, compressors and turbines) is one area in which suitable design tools are sought to meet this demand. In this paper is presented a conceptual basis for a new, systematic, unified approach to bladed disk design. The approach is outlined in the context of a software based design tool, building on existing finite-element-analysis technolgy to perform system optimization in a novel fashion that promotes design integration among traditional functional disciplines.

©1999 National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards.

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Richard A. Layton
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